Why Engineers Should Choose to Work in the United Kingdom

1: UK Culture

Due to immigration, Britain has a varied spectrum of cultures. Working in the UK exposes one to philosophy, architecture, art, literature, comedy, music, movies, and sport (among others!). The UK’s culture includes world-famous museums, contemporary art galleries, luxury mansions, castles, and parks.

2. Economic

The UK is a big globalised economy, ranked fifth globally. Its national economy is managed through market liberalisation, control and minimal taxes. The UK is a manufacturing powerhouse with firms like Rio Tino, BAE Systems, Unilever, Rolls-Royce, and Imperial Tobacco Group.

3: Health Care

All public healthcare in the UK is free, including emergency treatment. Moreover, the UK has a great private healthcare system with varied plans and insurances. Moreover, the Commonwealth Fund found that the NHS is the safest, most economical, and most outstanding healthcare system globally.

4: Commute

Want to explore the world and see everything? London has the best transit connectivity in Europe. Almost any place in Europe can be reached from the UK for £30 – £200. The UK has around 40 commercial airports, five of which are developing rapidly.

5: Science, Technology and Engineering

Working in the UK gives you access to cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge research, and cutting-edge engineering, all of which greatly impact the global economy.

6: Workplace The typical UK working week is Monday to Friday, 8-9 hours each day. Part-time work is also available in the UK, with the potential for overtime pay. Employers provide 20-30 days of paid vacation every year (depending on the contract or type of industry).

Written by LookJobs.co.uk Staff.

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