Why do managers hate their jobs and What should They do?

In a recent survey, it has been found that more than a million managers feel that they are trapped in their jobs. They particularly hate their job and also feel that bosses over 40 are hopeless. One in ten senior workers feel ‘very demotivated’ and ‘unfulfilled’ in their work. The figures are higher in IT and telecoms sector with 28% managers thinking that they are wasting their time in their jobs.

Finding a new job in midlife is very difficult and there are very less platforms where you can join as a new employee while you are 40. People in this age group are averse to risks when it comes to changing careers. However, there are examples like Hamish Shephard, who earlier worked for a bank and now works for Popchips owned by KP Snacks.

However, when the managers consider changing their careers in mid 40s, the age anxiety acts as a big hurdle for them. Alison Stables retrained herself to become a teacher at the age of 43 after she left her job as a city solicitor. She was suggested by her friends to do a PGCE teaching qualification course and upon completing, found a job in her local school. She also raised her two children after quitting the solicitor job. Many employees do not believe that money is the guiding force behind their job resignation. For many it is their final shot as they are at the end of their career and they are up to take a risk for the final time. To switch a job in your midlife, you need to keep confidence in yourself and develop a network that can help. Do not aim a particular company or a particular position for your job as it may prove to be harmful. This way you can tackle your midlife job switch.

News Source: Telegraph

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