Top 10 U.S. College Proves That you do not Need Harvard to Achieve The American Dream

In America every year there is an increase in the income of the 30 years old. A recent study by the team of academic student; Raj Chetty of Harvard University and Thomas Piketty of University California of Berkeley’s Emmanuel Saez has stated some of the best colleges of US who promotes upward mobility.

According to researcher some of the colleges like Berkeley, Columbia, MIT, and Stanford etc. have done a very good job of elevating the lower income kids to the middle class and beyond. The only problem is that they enrol choose amount of kids like among 100% they only choose 4% of people.

The effective ten colleges which help graduates move from the lowest 20% (family incomes below $25,000 a year) to the top 20% ($110,000 and above). Two of the top ten universities are Pace and St. John University. The stony Brook University among the top ten is the only one that has cracked US News and World Report’s top 100 national universities rankings for 2020.


  1. Cal State University
  2. Pace university
  3. Stony Brook of University
  4. University of Texas
  5. City University of New York
  6. Glendale community college
  7. South Texas college
  8. Cal state polytechnic
  9. University of Texas
  10. St. John University

All the above college which has been stated shows that if you do the right thing than you will be able to keep the American dream alive.  These achievements have broken the upward mobility and middle class have become stagnated. So, follow the leads of this amazing college who make the country better and help those who are in need.

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