Tips That Must be Kept in Mind to Have a Work-Life Balance

Get a better work-life balance by following advice of the top CEOs

Today’s world is has become so much digitalize that it causes a lot of strain to the work-life balance of people. Even if you have got a job which helps you in maintaining your work your balance further.

The CEO of Amazon suggests that everyone should consider their work and personal time to be something which overlaps each other instead of considering them to be separate parts of your life which intersects sometimes. Another CEO Mary Barra of The Wall Street Journal says that people should learn to make after-hours special for their family. Instead of organizing business dinners, people should opt for lunches so that you can have your family commitments for the evening and night.

On the other hand, Indra Nooyi  the former CEO of PepsiCo says that balancing work and life becomes quite difficult and sometimes even conflicting. The biological clock never matches with the career clock. As a result, you have to worry about your kids and building your career at the same time.

Brian Dyson, the former Coca-Cola CEO gives a striking example of juggling balls to explain the concept and importance of work life balance. He says that you need to consider life as a juggling game wherein you are constantly juggling five balls of work, family, health, friends and lastly your spirit. You need to keep all of these five in the air at all times. But you must remember that the work ball is made up of rubber and thus even if it falls once, it can bounce back. But the other four are made up of glass, once dropped these become irreversibly damagaed, nicked or sometimes even shattered.

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