Jobs that are in high demand in the UK

The UK government maintains a shortage occupation list that includes nurses, geologists, artists, software developers, and architects. 

This list is updated often to reflect the finest jobs in the UK.

Software Developers and Programmers

In the UK and many other nations, the digital skills gap is a major problem. IT and software development experts are in high demand. Starting wages hover around £26,000, making it a financially rewarding choice.

To secure a future in the IT industry, you should focus on developing your software development skills (particularly in coding).

Specialists in the field of cyber-security

Additionally, cyber security is one of the most sought-after careers in the UK. In a similar vein, salaries typically begin at roughly £25,000 per year. Personal businesses and government agencies rely on it to keep their customers’ private information safe. Cyber-defences may be built one day, and encrypted communications may be put up another… The ability to quickly adapt is essential.

 Medical Care and Residency

There is a significant demand for health care positions across the board. For administrative positions and full-time nursing positions, this is especially true. It’s a great job choice for those who enjoy making a good impact on others’ lives and are considering a career change.

In the health care sector, the starting salary for a care worker is roughly £21,000. A rewarding yet challenging professional path awaits those who choose this path.


It may come as a surprise, but in the United Kingdom, architecture-related positions are among the most sought-after. Math and engineering, creativity, communication, and cooperation, are all essential to the profession. As a result, training often takes seven years or more.

Architecture is a secure pick if you plan your studies and look to the future. Salaries start at roughly £28,000.

Graphic designers  Graphic designers are more in demand than ever in today’s image-driven society. Logos, digital banners, websites, packaging, and traditional print all require the expertise of someone with a keen eye for design. At £18,800, the starting salary is lower than other positions on this list, but this may quickly rise with time.

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