If you are looking for a job, you’ll find it helpful to prepare a job strategy. Looking for job openings can be a very daunting affair. By preparing a strategy, you get a road map that needs to be followed. This plan helps you to assess and earmark how much time you should devote to each activity necessary for finding job openings.

Here are the tasks you’ll need to perform to make your job search strategy successful. I have prepared this realistic advice from my experiences of having worked as a recruiter for twenty years and the success stories of many job seekers and human resource professionals.

If you are looking for a job, you need to work from Monday to Friday, from eight to five to find a fresh job. That gives you forty hours per week, devoted to finding job openings that best match your qualifications and skills.

A successful plan for job search should necessarily include spending time everyday on researching companies, networking with others, following up of leads, contacting new recruiters and corporate employers, follow-up action with recruiters and contacts, mailing your cover letters and resumes, interview coaching and appearing for interviews and keeping yourself motivated. Such job search plans are known to have delivered positive results. It may take some time before you get results, but you’ll certainly find this strategy working for you.

Here is the outline of one such plan for successful job hunting.

8-10 – spend this time for networking with friends, your earlier colleagues and alumni etc. (At least 10 calls or 10 emails or10 thank you notes)
10-12 – research at least ten new companies in the industry that interests you or with which you already have experience.
12-12:30 – break
12:30-2:00 – get in touch with new recruiters and new corporate employers (minimum ten of each)
2:00-3:30 – mailing your cover letters and resumes
3:30-4:30 – read some motivational/inspirational or self help book, or plan spending time with a career coach
4:30-5 – preparing plan for the next day. Diary proceeding of the day

Of course, everyday will be different as you’ll be spending time preparing and appearing for interviews. Nevertheless, you need to have a plan for your job search for days you are not preparing or appearing for interviews. On allocating time for following the tasks necessary for your job search, you’ll find an appropriate position.

Another important tip is to prepare a diary for recording your job search efforts and results. At the end of each day you should diary the highlights of the day. Any new lead you found, how you found it or any encouragement you received. Maintain a record of people you may like to contact in future or anything new you learnt today that you think can be helpful in your efforts.

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