Is the Number of Jobs Increased in the UK in the Last Decade?

Jobs & Career are on the priority lists of almost all the graduates or the people with some qualification. They would give their right hand to land up a good job. Be it any country of the world; you will find jobless youth looking for good jobs. The youth who have spent month’s together sitting idle at home will find 9 to 5 jobs too tiring and out of sync. Moreover, the interview poses for them a big hurdle. If they haven’t practiced for an interview, they are bound to fumble when facing the barrage of questions inside interview rooms. 

Number of jobs in the UK

In a country UKwhere there is no shortage of joblessness, the hiring managers understand the scenario. At the same time, they will ask questions based on one’s competency and experience. There is a departure from traditional interviews. 

Video interviews trends increased in the UK

Over the years, the way interviews are held has changed beyond recognition. There have been orbital shifts in the means and modes. Now, students or candidates have to understand the nuances of video interviews. This is different from face-to-face interaction. Sometimes, a candidate is supposed to prepare their presentation in a video format. It has replaced conventional resume making and sending it across to the companies.

Today the people on the other side of the table would like to watch these videos. It spares them a lot of time and effort to go through the CVs page after page. 

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