How to Reject a Job Offer Without Closing the Door Completely

There are times when some new prospect excites you and make you want to accept the job offers by rejecting the other once or your present working place but there is always a chance of you coming across a deal breaker which will make you want to stay. Thus the last thing you would want to do is burn bridges especially in alcove industry so, one needs to know how to reject a job offer without closing the other door completely.


Hours have gone by of you researching the company, preparing for interview and acing your interviews successfully but remember you are not the only one there are many other applicants from which employer has to pool out the names of deserving employees. So, for some cause if you don’t want to sit and wait for the result than without any hesitation informs this piece of news to your hiring manager. Not only is that but the way you deliver your news equally important so here is what you can do: –

  • A thoughtfully crafted response to an ongoing email chain might be acceptable.
  • Phone report is also perfect for showing how much you valued the job opportunity offered to you (just not the voice mail).


Do not take any job for granted thus to recognize their time that they spend reading on your application, introducing you to the team or simply acknowledging you – say “thank you”.


While giving the application for the rejection of the job offer do explain the reason behind you leaving the job – it doesn’t need to be detailed just keep the explanation up to two or three sentence and remember not to be brutally honest if you are not interested in joining the company simply reply “the position doesn’t feel quite the right fit”. This simple answer will get you out of the job without being rude and offending anyone.

KEEP IN TOUCH It’s better to end the letter with polite closure like “I hope our path cross again in the future” or “I hope that we might work together in the future” which is a simple and effective response and shows the hiring manager how appreciative you were towards the job.

News Source: Womans Day

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