How to Change Career in Your Thirties

Job:The purpose behind taking a job and doing it varies from person to person. Right after the graduation or masters, getting a job is what matters the most. It is important from point of financial stability, paying off loans, self-confidence, and also social acceptance. Jobs help in giving families the stability, which is always desired. No matter how the job is, how stressful it is, most people continue doing it, because of the pay package and the perks with it.

Job vs Career:The problem which many people face is, they keep on doing something, as they are paid for it. At one point of time, there comes a stage, they literally have to drag themselves to job person who had studied Mechanical Engineering, must be in a Manufacturing Firm, or at the most in an IT firm. That is the way, society perceives it.  At the end of the day, if the job doesn’t motivate, to take to the office, it is time for a change. Then comes the realization time, and revisiting the priorities. This is the time to understand, what inspires and what doesn’t. The 30’s is the building decade of life. So, the visualization, where to reach, should be very clear. If the change is necessary, then whom should the rest of the life, be spent (at the jobs), that must be clearly foreseen. The type of people, with whom, most of the time will be spent.

Breakthrough: Change in a career is most of the times, seen as bane, by others, rather than the job seekers. So, it becomes very important to stay away from people, who are cluttered with negative thoughts. Discussing with people, who are more understanding and in the same career may help in these cases. Also, there should be a lot of flexibility to adapt to changes. A career change may require, changes which people are not ready to face. Keeping the tenacity and building up the resilience is a very important factor.

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