America has Become a Country of the Lowest Paying Job

The United States of America is often called as the ‘land of opportunities’.

The job market in America is looking  grim and a lot of jobs are coming up which pays low wages of less than $10 per hour. The executive director of the Institute for Work and the Economy, Peter Creticos said that if we consider the job opportunities of the recent recoveries we may notice that there is a major chance of increase in low paying jobs.

Low-wage jobs have become a part of the economy and the amount of wage has been seen to be suppressed for quite a few years in the American economy. The biggest reason behind this is the supply and demand. Some of the lowest paying jobs in the country as listed by the Department of Labour’s Bureau of Labour Statistic are-

  • Workers involves in food preparations and serving business including the fast food chains
  • With around half a million dishwashers in the United States, this job has become extremely low paying with the lowest hourly wage being $8.62.
  • Every organization ranging from a fast food restaurant to a clothing store needs a cashier. This job ranks second in the list of the biggest occupations in America. However the pay is unbelievably low starting from $9.15 every hour.
  • A host or a hostesses earns a maximum of $9.23 per hour for carrying out of various tasks starting from taking reservations to even working as cashiers in times of need.
  • Attendants working in amusements parks are another group of people earning very low wages of below $9.25 an hour.
  • Ticket takers and ushers of movie theaters bring home nothing more than $9.43 dollars in most of the theaters in America.

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