A Guide to the Job Scenario for Graduates in UK

It is a tough spot to search for a perfect job after you complete your graduation. There are many jobs that may match your skill set and you can apply for them, but first you have to make sure what are the suitable jobs for you. Salary expectation is a big factor before choosing any jobs and the location in which you want to do a job is another big factor.

The average starting salary for graduates in different discipline varies from job and experience. Many believe that law firms and investment banks pay the most to a graduate fresher, and media and advertising, retail, customer goods and hospitality does not pay much. However, a graduate can expect an annual salary around 29000 pounds a year when starting as a graduate in different sector.

According to different job websites of UK, law firms pay the most with an average of 34000 pounds per year, then investment banking with 33015 pounds, consulting jobs with 33957 pounds on an average. Accounting, financial and civil engineering graduates can also expect a starting salary of around 30000 pounds a year.

The capital city of UK, London, emerges as the best location to start a job.  It has more than 40% graduate vacancies for graduates compared to any other cities. The South East England and West Midlands were the next two places with most opening. In a study, it has also been revealed that 39% of the students believe that their career will be determined by their social background. 67.4% felt that it is tough to find a job in 2019. There may not be optimistic thoughts among graduates but many of the students nurture realistic expectations about their job and earning. Various institutes are also teaching students to be self sufficient based on their course.

News Source: Standard.co.uk

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