A Guide to the Best Jobs in the UK in 2019

A job is evaluated based on the salary, the job satisfaction, the demand and supply of the jobs in the market and the growth opportunities in the industry. The dignity of work suggests that all jobs everywhere on the planet are valuable and worth respect. However, the reality is that some jobs are just better than others.

Best Jobs in the UK

Management Jobs

  • Management jobs are usually considered good jobs in the UK. The salary is good so is the job satisfaction and benefits. There is also a large demand and openings for management jobs in the UK right now.
  • Job profiles like audit manager, finance manager, marketing manager, product manager, sales manager, and risk manager are all very popular in the UK right now. These are great jobs with good salaries in the UK in 2019.
  • More specialized management jobs like commercial manager, operations manager, design manager, project manager, HR manager, contract manager and engagement manager are also very popular.

Engineering & Science

Engineering and science jobs are also popular with highly skilled employees in this sector. This includes jobs for data scientists, software engineers, software developers, solution architects, and web developers as these are top jobs in the UK for 2019. High skilled science and engineering jobs pay well and these jobs provide job satisfaction to employees who have a keen interest in the field.

Other Jobs

Other jobs that are popular in the UK right now are business analyst jobs and front end developer jobs. Also, it pays well in the UK to be an executive assistant, and an HR business partner, or even a recruiter. The above-mentioned jobs provide a good salary, job satisfaction and there are plenty of openings for these jobs in the UK right now.

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