10 Great Graduate Jobs with Any Degree

Choosing a graduation job is not always easy. Except for some professions like medicine, your possibilities are frequently not restricted by your degree subject.

It might be challenging to pick among so many possibilities.


Working in HR entails assisting with employee concerns such as recruiting, payroll, policy, and benefits. HR can also function as a point of contact for employees and management to address sick pay, employment policies, and maternity leave.

PayScale estimates the typical HR Assistant income as £17,000-£26,000 (about $21,550-$32,960).


Accounting demands good math abilities and a logical mind. An accounting degree is preferable for this field, although most top organizations accept any degree as long as it meets the requisite grade.

Payscale estimates that a junior accountant in the UK makes £18,000-£26,000.

Marketing and PR

Advertising is a cutthroat industry, but what industry isn’t? Don’t be put off. You can succeed in advertising if you have imagination, dedication, and a good degree.

A marketing associate makes roughly £26,800 (around $34,100) per year.


As an investment banker, you provide financial services to firms, governments, organisations, and people. Investment bankers excel at math and statistics, project management, and working under pressure.

Again, this business is highly competitive, mainly because it pays well, with graduate starting wages about £43,000 (around $54,700).


According to Payscale, an entry-level primary school teacher in the UK earns roughly £26,200 ($33,00).

To become a teacher, you must complete a postgraduate teacher training programme. Teaching requires confidence, patience, good communication skills, organization, and creativity.


Managing a client’s reputation is all about public relations. A PR profession requires relationship-building skills, excellent written and verbal communication abilities, and organizational skills. Salary in PR typically ranges from £18,000 to £20,000 (roughly $22,800 to $25,380) however, pay can easily climb with expertise.

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